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Subject: Re: [office] Feature under evaluation at Redflag 2000, multiple layoutthemes

Hi Christian,

Christian Lippka - Sun Microsystems GmbH - Hamburg wrote:
> Hello Peter,
> If you are talking about the MS Office PowerPoint feature that  there is 
> a kind of 'master master' page and then one master page for each layout 
> having the 'master master' page as a background then I'm very interested 
> in this one.

Mainly my colleague Hua Shuran is working on this feature, she's quite 
new to the ODF TC and her main task is to increase interoperability 
between UOF and ODF. As far as I understand it, the feature is meant as 
you describe it, with similar functionality for text and spreadsheet. I 
have been reviewing a first draft very recently and I expect it will 
still be a couple of days of work until it's ready to be posted here at 
the list.

> I would love to add this functionality to OOo so it would be nice for 
> ODF to support it also. Since this would break backward compatibility, I 
> would favor to use the same workaround that MS Office uses when
> exporting to ODF by duplicating the master pages including the 'master 
> master' and using a naming scheme do identify. This could be a short to 
> mid term solution. Introducing this feature correctly to ODF should
> be done if we plan to be incompatible anyway or at least if every ODF 
> implementation had the time to at least implement the import.

Can you please point me on the MS Office solution? I wasn't yet aware of it.

> If you mean having more than one styles.xml per document, that would be 
> a cool feature but not on my todo list :-)

I don't think we will go that deep.

Best regards,

> Peter Junge schrieb:
>> Dear TC members,
>> our team at RF2000 is currently evaluating a feature to add multiple 
>> layout templates (or themes) support on document level to ODF. At the 
>> moment this is only possible on application level. However when 
>> several users work on a draft for documents to get published, they may 
>> want to consider several layouts for it. With OpenOffice, for example, 
>> switching layouts quickly is only possible when every user has both 
>> the draft file and the according template files present. So my 
>> questions would be:
>> Do other TC members find such a feature useful?
>> Does any other ODF contributer work on a similar feature?
>> OOXML and UOF already have such a feature, hence interoperability 
>> would also be improved.
>> Best regards,
>> Peter

Peter Junge
Open Source Strategy Director

Beijing Redflag Chinese 2000 Software Co., Ltd.
Building No.2, Block A, Huilongsen, 18 Xihuan Nanlu
Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area
100176 Beijing - P.R.China


电话/Tel: +86-10-51570010 ext.6183
邮箱/e-mail: peterjunge@RedOffice.com

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