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Subject: ODF-Next proposal: Sheet tab color

Sheet tab color
= Summary =

Proposal owner: Kohei Yoshida

Proposal short name: Sheet tab color

= Rationale =

Use cases: 

Users need to set colors to the sheet tabs, to visually differentiate
each sheet.

Alternatives considered: 


= Requested changes to the ODF Standard =

Text changes/additions (please state section numbers): 

8.1.1 <table:table> (existing section)

Append to the end of its attribute list: table:tab-color.

18.x: table:tab-color (new section)

The table:tab-color attribute specifies the color of the tab associated
with a sheet.  When this value is auto, the application should use the
default color used for sheet tabs.

The default value for this attribute is auto.

Schema changes/additions: 

<define name="table-table-attlist" combine="interleave">
        <attribute name="table:tab-color">
                <ref name="color"/>

= Impacts =


This proposal will not add any mandatory features or behaviors.

Backwards compatibility: 

This change will not impact existing ODF processors.

Accessibility impact: 

This change will not impact accessibility.


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