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Subject: (Draft) Liaison Message to SC34/WG6: Update on ODF 1.2, defect reports, etc.

I'd like to send this out to SC34 early this week, preferably before the 
WG6 meeting on Friday, December 4th.  Please take a read over and respond 
with feedback.  Am I hitting the major points?  Anything to add? Subtract? 



===  Status Update for SC34/WG6 ===

We wish to give a brief status update on the work of the OASIS ODF TC, for 
the benefit of the members of the newly-formed ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34/WG6.

== Liaison Status ==

OASIS is a Class A External Liaison organization in JTC1/SC34.  In 
response to the Call for Participation (N1297) in WG6, the OASIS ODF TC 
has voted to appoint three of its members to be TC liaisons 
representatives to SC34/WG6:

* Rob Weir
* Michael Brauer
* Dennis Hamilton

Note that under OASIS rules, TC liaisons do  "not officially represent 
OASIS, and cannot speak for or obligate OASIS in any way."  The OASIS TC 
expresses its will through meeting and electronic votes, which are 
recorded in our meeting minutes and communicated via liaison messages.  In 
other words, if you want an official answer, then send an official 

== ODF 1.2 status ==

The OASIS ODF TC is actively working on ODF 1.2, a technical revision of 
ISO/IEC 26300.  This specification is in three "parts":

* Part I "OpenDocument Schema" defines the core schema of ODF documents.
* Part II "OpenFormula" defines a formula expression language,  in 
particular for spreadsheet formulas.
* Part III "Packaging" defines the packaging conventions for ODF 

Part III is currently undergoing a 60-day public review in OASIS.  SC34 
was invited to participate in this review in N1320.  Part I is currently a 
Committee Draft and is close to being submitted for public review.  Part 
II is a Working Draft.

Note that the ODF TC has made no determination yet on whether ODF 1.2 will 
be a multi-part standard or whether it will be a single standard formatted 
in multiple parts.

== ODF 1.0 maintenance= =

The OASIS ODF TC is also actively maintaining ISO/IEC 26300, tracking and 
responding to reported defects.  In some cases defects are addressed in 
technical revisions, e.g, in ODF 1.2.  In other cases the defects are also 
appropriately addressed in OASIS Approved Errata, which may then be 
balloted as DCORs in SC34.

All defects reported on all versions of ODF are tracked in the ODF TC's 
JIRA issue tracking database: 


This database is publicly accessible, although only ODF TC may write to 
it.  This database tracks all defects, including those submitted by the 
public, by SC34 members and by ODF TC members.  This issues can be 
filtered and sorted in various ways. 

To date the ODF TC has received three defect reports from SC34 NBs.  The 
status of these defect reports is as follows:

= Defect Report N0942 = 

The OASIS ODF TC responded to this defect report by OASIS Approved Errata 
on 2008-11-24.  It can be downloaded from OASIS here:


At the Seattle Plenary, SC34 has instructed the Project Editor to prepare 
a DCOR for ballot based on the contents of this document.

= Defect Report N1078 =

The ODF TC published a preliminary response (a Committee Draft 01) of 
Errata addressing this defect report for discussion at the Seattle meeting 
of SC34/Ad Hoc Group 3.   This draft response is N1259 in the SC34 
document repository.  This was briefly discussed in Seattle.  The ODF TC 
will consider the feedback received, revising where necessary, and move 
the draft forward toward an ODF TC ballot as Approved Errata .  The 
Approved Errata would then be submitted to SC34 for processing as a DCOR.

The current status of each of the the issues submitted in N1078 can be 
found in our JIRA issue tracking database here: 


= Defect Report N1309 =

This defect report was recently submitted by the NB of the UK.  The issues 
raised in this defect report are mainly duplicative of issues already 
being tracked by the ODF TC, and in many cases already addressed in the 
ODF 1.2 draft.  The ODF TC will review these issues again, and where 
appropriate, additionally prepare Errata to address them in ODF 1.0.  It 
is possible that the ODF TC's response to N1309 will be bundled with our 
response to N1078, in a single Approved Errata document.

The current status of each of the the issues submitted in N1309 can be 
found in our JIRA issue tracking database here: 


== Proposal to prepare amendment of ISO/IEC 26300 corresponding to OASIS 
ODF 1.1 ==

The ODF TC is aware of SC34's interest in this amendment, but has not yet 
reached consensus on whether the submission of ODF 1.1 and consequent 
preparation of such an amendment is desired.   The ODF TC will have 
further discussions on the topic.


Respectfully submitted on behalf of the OASIS ODF TC,

Rob Weir, Co-Chair, OASIS ODF TC

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