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Subject: OpenDocument TC meeting minutes 2009-11-30

OpenDocument TC meeting minutes 2009-11-30

* Begin 9:36 EST

* Rollcall

Andreas Goulzow
+David Wheeler
+Dennis Hamilton
+Donald Harbison
+Doug Schepers
+Eike Rathke
+Eric Patterson
+Michael Brauer
+MingFei Jia
+Oliver-Rainer Wittmann
+Patrick Durusau
Peter Junge
+Rob Weir (presiding)
Svante Schubert
+Xiohong Dong

Voting Members are indicated with a + before their name. 

- 12 of 14 voting members (85%) were in attendance, so quorum requirements 
were met.

* Membership notes:

- Andreas Goulzow has attended two consecutive meetings and will gain 
voting rights at the end of this meeting.

* Posted agenda was approved by unanimous consent.

* Minutes of the November 23rd were approved by unanimous consent.

* Discussion of SC34/WG6 meeting in Paris

The ODF TC will have no official representative at the meeting.  However, 
Svante Schubert will attend, representing the German NB, DIN, and has 
offered to report back to the TC on the outcome of the WG6 meeting. Rob 
suggested that the TC could vote to appoint Svante as a ODF TC liaison 
representative to SC34/WG6 in the future, although it was too late for the 
meeting this week.

Rob Weir sent out a draft of a liaison message which he would like to send 
to SC34 this week, updating them on the status of various items of 
interest.  Feedback on this note is welcome.  Rob would like to send the 
note out by tomorrow.

* Discussion of ODF 1.2

- Part 3 is out for public review.  So far a handful of public comments 
have been received from Murata-san.

- Michael reported that he is running some final consistency checks on 
part 1, as well as applying a stylesheet to splut the normative and 
informative bibliographies.  This updated draft should be ready later this 
week and may be appropriate for approval as a public review draft.

- David reported that the OpenFormula subcommittee met this week and made 
some progress on wildcards and regular expressions.  David also observed 
that some items remain unowned in JIRA, or are owned but showing little 
progress toward resolution.  Rob suggested that after Part 1 goes out for 
public review, more attention should focus on Part 2.

* ODF 1.0 defect reports

There was a brief discussion of an item in the most-recent defect report 
from SC34, related to ZIP format.  Consensus was that ODF 1.0 could be 
amended to point to the fixed ZIP AppNote at PKWare, the same reference 
used in ODF 1.2.  Dennis observed that there are more recent AppNotes on 
that web site with additional material.

Rob raised the topic of implementation-defined behaviors, which the SC34 
had requested that the ODF TC declare broadly in ODF 1.0.  The TC agreed 
that this could not be done in general, since declaring something 
implementation-defined introduces a new conformance requirement, namely 
documentation of the implementation's behavior, and new conformance 
requirements could not be introduced in OASIS Approved Errata.  This lead 
to a discussion of whether such requirements could be introduced in ODF 
1.2.  Patrick stated that he was not doing this in general.  This lead to 
a discussion of backwards compatibility, SVG, fallbacks, services packs 
and MCE. 

* Adjourned at 10:33 EST

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