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Subject: Re: SC34 WG6 meeting

Doug Mahugh <Doug.Mahugh@microsoft.com> wrote on 12/15/2009 01:34:49 PM:

> SC34 WG6 meeting
> I've read with some concern Rob's latest blog post, here: http://
> www.robweir.com/blog/2009/12/relevancy-of-odf-10.html.  Although not
> an official ODF TC document, it comes from the co-chair of the TC 
> and it's addressing a matter of ODF maintenance, so I expect that 
> many people will see it as an authoritative source of information 
> about recent developments in ODF maintenance.

Hi Doug,

The blog post deals with ODF maintenance discussions in SC34.  It mentions 
nothing about maintenance conversations within the OASIS ODF TC concerning 
ODF 1.0 or ODF 1.1, and it does not concern ODF maintenance discussions or 
actions in or of the ODF TC.  I don't see how anyone could consider that 
to be an authoritative ODF TC statement.  But out of an abundance of 
caution I will add a link to this list post to my blog post.

As for a TC response on "Resolution #3", we actually have sent a formal 
response to SC34 on that, several weeks ago, saying we were considering 
the question but had not yet reached consensus.  In fact, the TC was 
discussing this topic long before SC34 ever broached the topic, back as 
long ago as March 2009.  At that time the consensus was that we would wait 
until the OASIS ODF 1.2 ballot was underway before working on any 
amendment.  But since then, OASIS has instituted additional requirements 
for submission of OASIS standards to other organizations, which are 
described here: 


So we need to consider these requirements as well, including holding a 
formal application to the OASIS President, a memorandum of understanding 
with JTC1 and an "Interoperability Demo" with three independent 
implementations participating, according to the Interop Demo policy:


As mentioned before, we would also need to sync up ODF 1.1 with our 
Approved Errata for ODF 1.0.

So this is not as simple as simply having a meeting vote and tossing ODF 
1.1 over the wall to SC34.  There is a substantial amount of work required 
here.  So far, neither your nor SC34's interest in this amendment has been 
matched with an equal level of enthusiasm for volunteering to accomplish 
these tasks.  Until there is both consensus that we want an ODF 1.1 
amendment and the above requirements have names assigned to them, I don't 
see how this can advance. 

In the end, we, as ODF TC members determine our own priorities, both with 
our votes and how we deploy our finite resources.  SC34 is one 
stakeholder, among many, that I personally take heed of when gathering 
requirements and determining my priorities.    But SC34 is not in the 
position to dictate requirements for me or the ODF TC.  I assume it is the 
same for you, Doug?



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