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Subject: New W3C proposal: enhancing RDFa

Those with a W3C login can read the full proposal here:  

The publicly accessible draft charter for the WG is here:  

Essentially, the new WG would work to enhance RDFa so it works in HTML 
(today it is defined for XHTML), define an API for it, and (most 
interesting for us) define how RDFa can be used in other XML hosts.

There appears to be explicit consideration given to ODF, as you can see in 
this paragraph of the draft charter:

"Although formally defined as a module of XHTML1.1, there is a demand for 
the adaptation of RDFa to newer generations of HTML. Also, the RDFa 
attribute set has already been adopted by other XML applications, 
including the SVG 1.2 W3C Recommendation, the DataRSS format proposed by 
Yahoo, and Version 1.2 of the OpenDocument (ODF) format. Consequently, 
there is a need for the consolidation of these developments in the form of 
updated Recommendations."

Obviously, since this WG has not yet formed, this activity can have no 
influence on ODF 1.2.  But it does make sense, once their WG is 
established, to make them aware of our requirements and to work toward 
syncing up with them in ODF-Next.  Also, after the WG is established, and 
if there is sufficient interest, it would be good to establish a liaison.


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