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Subject: OpenDocument TC meeting minutes 2010-01-04

OpenDocument TC meeting minutes 2010-01-04

* Begin 9:36 EST

* Rollcall

+Andreas Guelzow
+Cherie Ekholm
+David Wheeler
+Dennis Hamilton
+Donald Harbison
+Eike Rathke
+Eric Patterson
Hideki Hiura
+Michael Brauer
+MingFei Jia
+Oliver-Rainer Wittmann
+Patrick Durusau
+Peter Junge
+Rob Weir (presiding)
*Svante Schubert
+Thorsten Behrens 
+Xiohong Dong

Voting Members are indicated with a + before their name, Persistent 
Non-Voting members with an *.

- 15 of 17 voting members (88%) were in attendance, so quorum requirements 
were met.

- Membership notes: Welcome to our newest TC member, Jideki Hiura from 
Justsystems.  Also, Doug Schepers has missed two consecutive meetings and 
loses voting rights until he attends two consecutive meetings.

* Posted agenda was approved by unanimous consent.

* Minutes of the December 21st meeting were approved by unanimous consent.

* Discussion: ODF 1.2

- Ballot comments on ODF 1.2 were discussed. 

Andreas will follow up with example screen shots showing the two 
interpretations of surface charts.  Also will review resolution in 
Office-723 to see if that satisfies the concern expressed in Office-1818.

The committee discussed various ways of indicated changes in ODF 1.2 
compared to ODF 1.1.  It appears that schema-level changes are clearly 
indicated, though some members wanted to go further and indicate which 
features have changed substantively, i.e., not merely editorially.  This 
is a difficult task for the reader, since the structure of the 
specification has changed since ODF 1.1. 

- ODF 1.2 Part 1 has not awaiting processing by Mary.  It should 
automatically go forward for public review once she has blessed it.

- Review of received ODF 1.2 Part 3  comments occur later this month, 
after that public review period ends.

* Discussion: ODF 1.0 maintenance

- Since the meeting was running short of time, Svante offered to update us 
on the ODF 1.0 defect report at our next call

* Adjourned 10:30 EST

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