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Subject: Next steps: What we need to do to submit ODF 1.1 to JTC1

I've looked into this some more, and we have some more work to do before 
we can request that OASIS send ODF 1.1 to JTC1.

First, we need to have a "special majority vote" via electronic ballot. We 
have not done that.  But we can't just vote on an intent to submit, or an 
intent to request that OASIS submit.  We need to specically vote on a 
written submission request, where the contents of that written submission 
request are detailed in the policy.  You can read the 5 questions we need 
to develop written responses on here:  

I've taken a first stab at this submission request and uploaded it here:  

Please take a look and offer improvements.  I'd like to get an acceptable 
text this week, so we can then start the 1-week electronic ballot to 
approve it.

Once approved, we can take that (and the waiver request) to the OASIS 
Board and President.


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