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Subject: Degation for SC34 meetings in Stockholm?

We need to submit a delegation for the upcoming meetings of JTC1/SC34/WG6 
(The ODF maintenance working group).  The meeting will be March 25th and 
26th in Stockholm, Sweden.  Current (but non-final) plans, call for the 
WG6 meeting to be the afternoon of the 25th and the morning of the 26th. 
There will also be a Plenary session of SC34 on the afternoon of the 26th. 
 There will likely be facilities for remote participation for the WG 
meeting, but not the Plenary..

We're required to send our approved meeting attendance list by February 
22nd.  Since we'll likely cancel next week's meeting, I'd like to get this 
done now.

Please respond if you would like to attend the WG and/or the Plenary 
session as TC liaison.  If you are attending as a member of another 
liaison (say Ecma) or another NB (say DIN) then I do not need your name. 
Also, please let me know if you will be attending in person, or by phone.

I plan on attending, in person, the WG and Plenary meetings.

Anyone else?



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