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Subject: Re: Volunteers for JIRA issues about ODF 1.2 Metadata

Svante.Schubert@Sun.COM wrote on 02/08/2010 10:39:37 AM:

> Hi Rob,
> Michael Stahl and myself would like to volunteer as default owner for 
> all upcoming JIRA issues based on comments on the new ODF 1.2 metadata.
> For instance:
> http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office-comment/201002/msg00011.html
> http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office-comment/201002/msg00012.html
> The owner is arbitrary as we decided to work out the the wording 
> I am asking as I been told, that got some scripting to turn list 
> comments to JIRA issues.
> Regards,
> Svante

JIRA has the concept of a default owner for an issue.  I can set that to 
one of you.  However, I'm not quite sure when that is actually triggered, 
and it likely does nothing at all until someone classifies the JIRA issue 
with the "metadata" component.  So I don't think the default owner field 
gets us far.

Probably the easiest thing is to assign yourself the issues that you want 
to work on, in JIRA.  If you don't have rights to do that, then check with 


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