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Subject: Re: [office] Two JIRA Issues for discussion

Dave Pawson <dave.pawson@gmail.com> wrote on 02/19/2010 01:04:13 PM:

> > I'm reading Murta-san's request as asking that we use a RNG schema for 
> > digital signatures if one is available.
> > My guess is that Murata-san and others would prefer that we used NVDL.
> Why not ask him instead of guessing Rob?

We solicit public feedback via issuing public review drafts.  If TC 
members have a view on this issue they can weigh in on this list.  If 
Murata-san wishes to express his views more directly, he is welcome to 
join the TC.  If you wish that his views be expressed directly in the TC, 
unfiltered through my guessing, then you are also welcome to suggest that 
he join. 

> > What might be interesting is whether we could get the ODF validators 
> > the ODF Tool Kit union, the Office-o-tron and the OfficeShots one, to
> > start validating all of their documents twice -- once with the 
> > schema and once with the re-factored schema.  They can then highlight
> > whenever these two schemas differed in their results.  I think that 
> > give us high confidence if they gave identical results over several
> > months.
> And how would you place 'blame' on any difference?
>   Schema capability?
>   Schema definition?
>   Instance content/markup?

I don't think you can determine that a priori.  But I'd suggest that any 
differences that are noted should be examined and understood.   You 
obviously cannot prove correctness via testing, but you certainly can 
prove error.  Of course, if someone has an easier method to prove 
correctness (and I think Patrick was looking for something) then that 
would be preferable.


> regards
> -- 
> Dave Pawson
> Docbook FAQ.
> http://www.dpawson.co.uk
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