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Subject: ODF TC report/presentation

I'm on the agenda of the SC34 Plenary next month to give a report on our 
work.  I was planning to give short presentation highlighting:

1) Our response to the three defect reports

2) Our contribution of ODF 1.1 for an amendment

3) Our progress on ODF 1.2 -- no date commitment, but I'd review the 
approval process and required post-approval steps (Interop Demo, etc.)

4) Our collection of ODF-Next proposals, which can be browsed in JIRA (but 
no decision on any specific proposal)

5) Our liaisons with other committees (OIC TC, SVG WG, etc.)

6) General invitation to browse our JIRA project, submit comments via 
comment list, or even to join the TC for more direct participation.

Is there anything else I should make sure to cover?



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