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Subject: Accepting "late" ODF 1.0 Errata from SC34/ Voting results on ISO/IEC 26300DCOR-1

The Public Review of ODF 1.0 CD 03 is set to expire on March 14th. 
However, that review period does not intersect with any meetings of 
SC34/WG6.  Their next meeting (teleconference) is March 17th.  And they 
will have a face-to-face meeting the following week in Stockholm. 

So, if there are no objections, I would like us to continue accepting 
public comments on this draft until March 26th.,  That way we can include 
any feedback from SC34/WG6 before we finalize the updated Errata.

Also, please note that the SC34 ballot on our first Errata has concluded. 
The ballot passed, with a 24-0-3 vote.  Comments were submitted by Japan 
and Switzerland. We should discuss these at our next TC call, so we can 
formulate a TC position to express at the WG6 meeting later next week.




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