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Subject: Re: OFFICE-2608 and Errata CD04 Defects

"Dennis E. Hamilton" <dennis.hamilton@acm.org> wrote on 03/30/2010 
12:47:41 PM:

> I am wondering, now that SC34 WG6 will be conducting the amendment of IS
> 26300:2006 to align with ODF 1.1, whether it would be better to back off 
> Errata for 1.0 and transpose the Errata to ODF 1.1 for interception with 
> amended IS 26300 later.  This would also give us time to review and 
> understanding of the proposed dispositions/resolutions with WG6.  It 
> be valuable to have a collaboratively-developed acceptable result by the
> time an Errata and related Corrigendum are produced after the FPDAM on 
> is underway.
> I think WG6 would have to concur in this to make it work.  It might mean
> tabling the existing DCOR1 with the understanding that the dispositions 
> appear in the ODF 1.1 Errata, if the defects are not already removed in 
> The next WG6 call is not until April 14, so we have some time to ponder 
> before then, request agenda time, etc.  I would think that any request
> should come through the head of the liaison delegation.
> Thoughts?

Defect reports come from NBs not from WG6.  So there is nothing that WG6 
can do to remove our obligation to respond to NB defect reports.  And 
there is nothing that we (OASIS) can do to table DCOR1, since that is a 
SC34 document.  And they (SC34) are obliged to process that document to 
maintain alignment with OASIS ODF 1.0, per JTC1's agreement with OASIS.

So the DCOR train has left the station.  It can't be stopped now.

What we probably end up doing is this:

1) ISO/IEC 26300 + COR1 + COR2 will satisfy all outstanding defect reports 
against ODF 1.0.  We process them as both Errata and Corrigenda.

2)We adopt the same changes, where applicable, to OASIS ODF 1.1.  Some 
changes will not be needed, since they are already fixed in ODF 1.1.  But 
the remaining fixes become Approved Errata for ODF 1.1

3) The delta between the corrected OASIS ODF 1.1 and the corrected ISO/IEC 
26300 becomes the amendment.

Note that we might want to keep the errata for ODF 1.1 open until the ODF 
1.0 amendment completes its ballot in SC34.  Then if we do need to make 
any additional non substantive fixes we can place such fixes in the errata 
as well.  So in practice steps 2 and 3 overlap.



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