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Subject: ODF 1.2 InterOp Demonstration

If you look at OASIS's "Policy for submitting OASIS Standards for adoption 
by other organizations" you will see that before we can submit ODF 1.2 to 
ISO we will first need to meet the requirements of item 1c, namely:

"The successful completion of an OASIS-organized public interoperability 
demonstration between at least three independent implementations conducted 
in accordance with the OASIS InterOp Demonstration Guidelines."


If you further look the the InterOp Demonstration Guidelines, you see that 
the first step is for the TC to approve an "InterOp Lead" to coordinate 
the InterOp Demo.  The Lead essentially forms a subgroup, along with 
"InterOp Participants" to plan the event.

To be a Participant, you must be a "Sponsor, Contributor, or Individual 
OASIS member".  But there is also the ability to have "scenario partners" 
which generally "represent non-commercial or not-for-profit organizations, 
i.e., government agencies or trade groups."


Because of the long lead time necessary to organize an international 
physical event like this, I'd like us to get started on this now, so we 
have no unnecessary delay once ODF 1.2 is approved by OASIS.  I've talked 
to Don Harbison and he has volunteered to be the InterOp Lead for this 
event, and to drive the logistics and planning.

I'll be adding an item to the agenda for our next call where we can 
discuss and hopefully approve this.



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