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Subject: RE: certificate chain and XAdes, was Re: [office] RE: DigitalSignatures


>I think what we need is not a single profile, but a set of profiles,
>where each profile is tailored to the requirements of a specific country.

Hopefully we won't need that much profiles :-) 

> The question, to which I personally have no answer, is: Is XML DSig
> considered to have too many options? Is it known to have
> interoperability issues? Is it known to be hard to implement?

For instance, signature time in OOo is stored in a <dc:time> in a 
<ds:SignatureProperty> inside a <ds:Object>. That's correct per spec,
but will other implementations be able to figure it out ?

(XAdES has SigningTime, for instance)

Will implementations be able to handle multiple signatures ?

(note I'm not ranting against OOo, AFAIK it is the only office suite code
base that signs ODF documents, but just thinking out loud what could
go wrong)

Best regards,


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