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Subject: OASIS Open Document Format Interop Demo: Call for Participation -- DeadlineMay 24, 2010

Dear OASIS OpenDocument TC, OpenDocument Interoperability and Conformance TC, and OpenDocument Adoption TC:

OASIS requires a formal Interop Demo per the Liaison Policy.  http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/liaison_policy.php

Since the  OASIS OpenDocument TC intends to submit OpenDocument 1.2 to ISO/IEC JTC1 for adoption, it must meet the requirements of this policy. This policy states the requirement as..."The successful completion of an OASIS-organized public interoperability demonstration between at least three independent implementations conducted in accordance with the OASIS InterOp Demonstration Guidelines.

The Interop Demonstration Guidelines may be found here: http://www.oasis-open.org/who/interop_demo_policy.php

During the April 12th OpenDocument TC meeting I was appointed the Interop Demo Lead. It's now time to form the Interop Team, and get to work. This is especially true now that the OpenDocument TC is very close to beginning the Public Review process for ODF1.2 Parts 1, 2, and 3.

Therefore, it's my pleasure to announce the Invitation for Participation to develop and deliver the Interop Demo for ODF 1.2. Participants will form an Interop Team and manage the development and delivery of the Interop Demo following OASIS Interop Demo Guidelines.

Since the demonstration(s) will showcase the participant's ODF 1.2 implementation this is a great way to gain visibility and awareness. The actual Interop Demo will be held in a conference event with supporting media outreach supported and managed by OASIS, pending a majority vote of the Interop Team.

To help focus attention on the planning process I propose that the Interop Demo for ODF 1.2 be delivered at the OpenOffice.org Conference in Budapest, Hungary. Here is a an outline of proposed key milestones for consideration:
  1. May 24 - Interop Participation Commitment
  2. May 26 - Interop Team Call #1
  3. July 1  -- Proposal submitted to OASIS
  4. August 12 -- Participants confirmed
  5. Sep 1 -- Interop Demo presentations within the ODF track of the OpenOffice.org Conference 2010, Budapest, Hungary.

Please reply to this email directly if you are interested to become a participant in the ODF 1.2 Interop Demo.


Don Harbison
Program Director, IBM ODF Initiative
Tel. +1-978-399-7018
Mobile: +1-978-761-0116
Email: donald_harbison@us.ibm.com

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