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Subject: RE: [office] Groups - OpenDocument-v1.2-part0-draft1-editor-revision.odt uploaded

  1. It is simply a matter of understandability.  When I have a particular significance for a prefix "I" I tend to use "i" simply to make it more clear.

  3. Relative linking on the OASIS site strikes me as a bad idea.  I don't think that is a good place to be reading the specification and I for one do not activate the requisite plug-in for so doing.  It might be useful to have a Zip package of the 4 parts that will then tend to be unzipped into a single directory somewhere and that will also set up the navigation, just as it does (and will) for a Zip of the HTML flavors.  There are apparently ways for Acrobat documents to cross-reference, but I have not found a way to prevent the target from opening in my browser instead of in Adobe Reader, and I don't know whether the bookmarks work or are simply not present.  The OO.o Export as PDF does export the cross-references and it adjusts them to be to the PDF version of the document.  Not sure where the breakdown is.

  5. As an user of the documents, I personally find the absence of links from the TOC entries for Appendices to be a great nuisance in ability to navigate the documents.  (One reason that I prefer the PDF and I make my own if necessary, is that the Adobe Reader has Forward and Back navigation as a Customization option.  Otherwise, I am compelled to do everything by searching or serious scrolling, when linking (and back-tracing) are far more appealing.)
 - Dennis

[I didn't make this a JIRA issue because this is just editorial housekeeping.  Of course, it demonstrates our care for the reader too.]
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From: Michael.Brauer@Sun.COM [mailto:Michael.Brauer@Sun.COM] 
Sent: Sunday, May 16, 2010 23:36
To: dennis.hamilton@acm.org
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Subject: Re: [office] Groups - OpenDocument-v1.2-part0-draft1-editor-revision.odt uploaded

Hi Dennis,

On 05/15/10 21:50, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> I noticed the following about the part0-draft1 edition.
> 1. Conformance Section - the use of the letter "I" in making conformance clauses in Part 0 is a little confusing.  It would be better to use some less-ambiguous capital letter.  Perhaps "C" which has not been used.

"C" is actually used in part 1, for "Consumers". I therefor have chosen 
"I" as in "Introduction". But it is indeed an arbitrary choice. Which on 
the one hand means that I have no objections to using any other letter 
here, but also think that the question which letter we use does not 
really matter. So I think it is not worth to discuss this in length.

[ ... ]
> 3. The use of active links in the enclosed Tables of Content is interesting.  If I have the *.odt files in the same directory together, I can follow links from Part 0 TOCs to the appropriate places in another part.  (This does not work with the Exported PDFs for some reason.)  There may need to be some non-normative information to that effect somewhere in Part 0.

I have added the relative paths to other parts of the documents just to 
show that this works in ODF documents. We need to adapt this paths when 
the approved documents have been copied to docs.oasis-open.org and when 
we know where they are located there.

Getting the links running for documents that are only located in our 
document repository and which may still updated is a little bit difficult.

Regarding PDF: It is my understanding that PDF document can't link to 
other PDF documents.

[ ... ]

> 5. Appendices in the TOC.  I just don't understand why there are not links in the TOC to the sections of Appendices, just as there are links to other sections.  This is apparently a systematic exclusion and whatever its formal justification, it is a serious pain for users of these documents.  I don't understand what is so compelling about excluding navigatable links into Appendix material compared to the convenience that links offer to all users.

The links in the TOC to appendixes can't be generated automatically. I 
don't consider it to be a serious flaw that they do not work, but if a 
majority of TC members thinks that the issue is as severe that we should 
add the links manually in the approved documents, we could certainly do so.

[ ... ]

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