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Subject: Re: [office] SC34 Ballot N1414 "New Work Item Proposal on DocumentPackaging"

Hi Rob,

you wrote:
> I'm not saying that there are not interesting things that could be 
> standardized here.  For example, it might be nice to have a standard URL 
> protocol for ZIP, or standard fragment schema for URL addressing of ZIP 
> items, etc.  Or any other conventions that are effectively a layer between 
> core ZIP's compression/packaging specification and what ODF/OOXML/EPUB 
> use.  But including the core ZIP packaging/compression in the same 
> standard is a real bad idea, IMHO.  As I said before, it is like 
> specifying Unicode and XML in the same standard.  Or XML and ODF in the 
> same standard.
Surely the work item proposal asks for an _independent_ standard? Or
am I getting you wrong here?

I otherwise tend to agree with Dennis, there's merit to have
properly standardized what we're referencing, instead of reliance on
single-vendor goodwill ...


-- Thorsten

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