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Subject: RE: [office] Motion for approving ODF 1.2 as Committee Draft andsubmitting it for pubic review.

Andrew said:
> That does not mean that we should compound the issue by repeating the
same for ODF 1.2. I fail to see why we could not use ODF1.0 or ODF1.1 to
publish the ODF1.2 specs rather than the OpenOffice.org internal format
(that some like to call ODF 1.2).

I've been attempting to stay out of this, as it has nothing to do with encryption. I do have a question though - it would seem that a simple document with headings and sections would be using features of the specification available in 1.0. Unless the standard document itself needs features new to 1.2, then wouldn't the 1.2 version be really the same as the 1.1 version, excepting the version number? In other words, isn't this a moot point?

I do have a small problem with needing to produce proposals for encryption related things in 1.2, as the software on my laptop will only do 1.1, and it would be a nuisance to install something else to produce a few paragraphs. I'm trying to understand whether this is truly a practical issue, or just an idealogical issue.

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