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Subject: RE: [office] Not specific to this attribute, example only

>> The defined values for the dr3d:texture-filter attribute are:
>> disabled: texture filtering should not be enabled.
>> enabled: texture filtering should be enabled.
>What is the alternative?
>"disabled: texture filtering shall not be enabled."
>But this is not really testable unless the semantics of "texture filtering" is fully defined.

Mmz, so what's the difference between testing "shalls" and the "should not" ? I assume
one needs some semantics to test it anyway :-) 

Or is it merely a suggestion for the Consumer ? Then the values should probably be 
"recommended / discouraged" instead of "enabled / disabled"

>"disabled: texture filtering is disabled."
> But that is just tautological.

True. So perhaps add a note at the beginning of the document that says something
like "enabled simply means that feature X is enabled" and only provide additional info
when the is something to explain.

Best regards


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