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Subject: FW: XAdES support in ODF

(Since Frank isn't member of the ODF TC, I'll answer the questions to this list)

"I don't think an Id attribute is needed on SignatureValue - we know what it is signing."

Apparently this is needed when one wants to add countersignatures.

"You don't have any CertValues in your TimestampValidationData elements - why?
(If the timestamp cert is self-signed, that would be one reason.)"

The certificate chain is already in the TSP token itself, so there is no real need to duplicate
it. Would it be useful / best practice to add CertValues anyway ?

"Because Id attributes have to be unique in a document, you've nicely made the Id random
and unique to each Signature.  I don't think I have creating these covered in my proposal.
It might be a good idea to specify how these should be created."

These are UUID's (ISO/IEC 11578 IIRC), with a prefix because the ID must not start with
a number.

Best regards,


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