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Subject: Re: [office] Libreoffice

Dave Pawson <dave.pawson@gmail.com> wrote on 09/28/2010 09:13:27 AM:

> [office] Libreoffice

> Makes me wonder what Oracle/sun and IBM will do with their staff if
> this comes out as it well might.
>   History shows Oracle and OSS as poor bedfellows.
> Two new chairs needed perhaps?


We're not going to discuss this squabble on the OASIS ODF TC list.  Please 
take this discussion somewhere else.

And I'll remind all members of the OASIS Antitrust Guidelines, which say 
in part:

"OASIS members participating in OASIS activities may not have any 
discussion relating to product pricing, methods or channels of product 
distribution, any division of markets, or allocation of customers or any 
other topic that should not be discussed among competitors."   

But to your last point, you are welcome to elect new chairs whenever you 
wish, per TC Process 2.7:


However, unless you decide to attend TC meetings and acquire voting rights 
-- something you have never done in your multiple years as a member of 
this TC -- you don't have standing in any such decision.  So, I'd 
encourage you to participate more fully in the work of this TC.  Aside 
from gaining voting rights, I'm certain that we could benefit from your 



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