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Subject: ODF-Next Requirements

Bob Jolliffe <bobjolliffe@gmail.com> wrote on 11/08/2010 04:37:34 AM:

> Cherie you are right that the background work of categorization and
> prioritization has not been done.  And whereas change tracking is an
> issue which has stood out as being clearly important to many, there
> are others, including for example more standard svg support and
> proposals around encryption, signatures and packaging.
> Unfortunately, despite my best intentions, it seems clear that I am
> not going to be able to devote the time to doing this all myself.  All
> the time I get to devote to ODF currently is "borrowed time" and I am
> struggling of late.  Can I appeal to members who might be able to
> spare resources to help work on categorizing these issues to volunteer
> themselves.

Once we approve CD 06 I think the following will be true in JIRA, that 
items assigned to ODF-Next will contain:

1) All public comments received during our call for ODF-Next proposals

2) All TC member proposals that came during out call for ODF-Next 

3) Any other public comments that were in the nature of ODF-Next 
proposals, but did not come during a specific call for ODF-Next proposals

4) Any issues, submitted by members or on public comment list that were 
"deferred" in ODF 1.2.

What is not obvious to me is whether ODF 1.2 proposals not accepted from 
this list made it into JIRA:


(TC members who were around back then remember that we tracked proposals 
in the wiki before we had JIRA)


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