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Subject: CD05 public comment disposition report (draft)

Attached is a JIRA report of the disposition of all comments received by 
the TC, from members as well as through the public comment list, during 
our most recent public review, which ran from July 8th through September 
6th.  Additionally, if you recall, we decided to also accept comments 
received on September 7th, due to some timezone confusion. 

There were 389 comments received in this period.  The resolutions can be 
inferred from looking at the status, resolution and the afffects version 
field.  But this isn't as clear as I'd like it to be, so my plan is to add 
a "Disposition" column to the spreadsheet that nets it out, e..g, 
"deferred to ODF-Next", "Fixed in CD06", etc.

Of the 389 comments, all appear to have resolutions, except for one:


I'm hoping that someone will propose the adoption of a resolution to 3406 
on Monday's TC call.




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