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Subject: Office-3316 <text:sender-*


Rob asked for issues that TC members were particularly interested in
seeing addressed so to break the ice, I thought I would suggest a couple
of my favorites. 


In the current draft, this starts at: 7.3.6 Subsequent Author Fields

An example is: <text:sender-firstname> and so on.

The semantics strike me as wrong and note there is no requirement for
preservation of multiple "subsequent" authors.

I will have to file a separate issue on it but I think <text:sender-*,
<text:author-* and all of the Non-RDF metadata should be replaced by use
of the new metadata mechanism where necessary.

With the advent of the new metadata mechanism these attributes, in
addition to being duplicative of each other, underspecified and with
doubtful semantics, have become unnecessary.

In order to fashion replacement metadata where necessary, can the
vendors indicate what if anything they have been using these elements to

And yes, I am will to not only craft the editing instructions but also
the replacement metadata mechanisms with documentation. 

Not a huge gain but more of a tidying up. And it does promote the new
metadata mechanism. 

Hope everyone is have a great day!


PS: Where issues already exist, I would suggest using the Office-*
number as the first item on the subject line, to help with finding all
the posts on that issue. 

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