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Subject: Publication of ISO/IEC 26300:2006/Cor 1:2010

News has arrived that the ISO/IEC corrigenda corresponding to our ODF 1.0 
Errata 01 has finally been published:


From receiving the defect report (2007-12-08) to publication (2010-12-15), 
that process took a little over 3 years. 

The OASIS portion was completed 2008-11-24, which at nearly a year was (I 
think we can all agree)  too long.  This TC received a good deal of public 
criticism from SC34 for our delay in responding to their defect reports, 
and this criticism was covered in the press, and even ended up in the 
OASIS Wikipedia page:


Most of the time lost was due to our late start on preparing draft errata. 
  Now that the TC have a working style based on using JIRA for processing 
comments, we can work much faster, as we've shown on subsequent defect 

But once we did respond and sent our OASIS Approved Errata to SC34, it sat 
for a full year, without action by SC34.  And then once approved by SC34 
in a 3-month ballot, the resulting corrigenda sat for an additional six 
months before publication.  This is unfortunate, that our approved errata, 
an uncontroversial set of mainly editorial corrections. took two years to 
work its way through SC34.


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