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Subject: Updated JIRA target versions

I had an action item from last week's TC meeting to update the JIRA target 
versions.  I've done that. Here's a quick summary of the relevant versions 
we have defined:

ODF 1.2 CD 07  -- This is what we just approved as a CD and should be 
sending out for 15-day public review "any day now".

ODF 1.2 CD 08 --  This is the target that we will use for any CD 07 
defects found in the public review that we agree must be fixed before 
progressing to a Committee Specification ballot.   It is quite likely that 
there will not be a CD 08, but I've added to JIRA "just in case".

ODF-Next -- This currently holds unresolved member and public proposals 
that we are not including in ODF 1.2.

ODF 1.2 Errata 01 -- This is the first errata document for ODF 1.2, which 
we should anticipate using to synch up ODF 1.2 with any corrections 
requested after the ISO review of ODF 1.2.

ODF 1.1 Errata 01 -- This is the first errata document for ODF 1.1.  This 
will be required to synch up the OASIS standard with ISO/IEC 26300/Amd.1. 
(Essentially we need to port forward corrections that have been made to 
ODF 1.0 via errata but not yet made to ODF 1.1)

And the following are the anticipated four CDs for ODF 1.3.  As we've been 
discussing, the goal is to have a new CSD every 6 months or so, with the 
first one tentatively set for the end of September:

ODF 1.3 CSD 01
ODF 1.3 CSD 02
ODF 1.3 CSD 03
ODF 1.3 CSD 04

One recommended action for TC members is to grab any ODF-Next proposals 
that you wish to "own" and assign them to yourself as well as setting the 
"Fix for" field to a 1.3 CSD, ideally the first or second CSD.  And if you 
have new proposal ideas that do not yet exist under ODF-Next, please enter 
them directly for one of the 1.3 CSD targets.

Finally, we should agree on how we want to treat "unclaimed" ODF-Next 

A) Do we keep ODF-Next proposals in the "New" state indefinitely,  and 
treat that as a bucket that we can dip into for ODF 1.x, 2.x, 3.x, etc.?

B) Or do we close any items in remaining in ODF-Next (i.e., not claimed 
and moved to a 1.3 CSD target) once we reach a certain date?



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