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Subject: Re: [office] Proposed Resolution for the ODF 1.3 schedule



With two suggestions:

Should we have a clock on the homepage (or some other page) showing the
number of days that remain before the next draft? Before the end of July
2011 for the September draft, for instance.

With a listing of the issues that will be appearing in the next draft?

Something that acts both as public notice of a looming deadline as well as
notice of the content due to appear in the next draft.

Hope you are having a great day!


> Dear TC members,
> in the past weeks we have discussed a schedule for ODF-Next, and it
seems to me we reached consensus on a two year schedule for ODF 1.3,
based on 4 Committee Drafts.
> Having a schedule (regardless what it looks like in detail) is a
critical item for our daily work. That's because the schedule tells all
of us by when we must have our proposals ready, and when we can expect
them in a specification. The schedule therefore is the basis for planing
our own personal work on ODF 1.3.
> It is therefore important that we are all familiar with the schedule,
and that we stay with it whenever possible. I therefore propose that we
formally agree on the schedule in a resolution. Please note that this
does not mean that the schedule cannot be changed if there are good
reasons for this. It can be changed, but this would require also a
formal resolution.
> Below is what I would like to propose as resolution text. I
> intentionally have not used any CSD numbers, because it is not unlikely
that we need additional CSDs. For instance if  we have approved a CSD
and want to send it out for public review, but then notice an issue we
think needs to be addressed first.
> Resolution:
> -The ODF TC aims to develop ODF 1.3 as a sequence of committee
> specification drafts (CSDs). Committee specification drafts shall be
ready for approval by the TC every 6 months.
> - The first committee specification draft shall be ready for approval in
September 2011, subsequent CSDs in March 2012, September 2012 and March
2013. Additional CSDs are permitted.
> - For the September 2011 CSD, no proposal shall be integrated after July
> - For the March  2012 CSD, no proposal shall be integrated after January
> - For the September 2012 CSD, no proposal shall be integrated after July
> - After the September 2012 CSD, no new features shall be integrated into
the ODF specification. Exceptions from this rule shall be granted only
if the TC is confident that the new feature does not break, and that it
further gets implemented.
> - The March 2013 CSD  shall be advanced to an OASIS standard. It may be
approved earlier than March 2013 if no proposals or severe issues are
> Best regards
> Michael
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