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Subject: TC Homepage Updates

I've added a new "component" in JIRA called "TC Home".  I'd like us to use 
this component to track change requests for the TC's public home page, 
which I hope you know is here:


This is the #1 link on Google (and 5th on Bing) when searching for "ODF" 
so I think it is worth the effort to make the content is timely and 
relevant and that the page looks good.

There are some things that we should be updating on a regular basis, like 
new CSD approvals, calls for public review, etc.  But there is a lot of 
really old stuff here that we should probably refresh or get rid of, like 
lists of links to old meeting minutes or press articles from 2005.

Only TC Chairs have the rights to update the home page, but I encourage 
all of us to review the current state of the homepage and propose 
improvements.  Please enter these as "tasks" in JIRA, one issue per task.



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