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Subject: ODF TC Approved Standing Rule

Hello Robin,

Tthe ODF TC has adopted the following standing rule.  Per 2.9 of the OASIS 
TC Process we are required to also communicate this to the  TC 




1. Any substantive additions, deletions or changes to the ODF 
specification must be initiated by a TC member by submitting a Proposal. 
For all proposals, a JIRA issue must exist. For all proposals, TC members 
should follow the Proposal Instructions[1].

2. A TC member wishing to make a Proposal (the Proposer) should first 
announce their intention to make a Proposal as defined by the Proposal 
Instructions[1] or on the ODF TC's mailing list. Detail is not needed at 
this point, but such notification is recommended in order to let other 
interested TC members know that someone is working in this area and to 
prevent duplication of effort.

3. The Proposer controls the content of the Proposal and the pace at which 
the Proposal advances towards approval. As it is discussed, TC members may 
propose changes to the Proposal. However, the control of the proposal 
remains at the proposer.

5. When the Proposal is ready for broader discussion within the TC, the 
Proposer must notify the TC as defined by the Proposal Instructions[1], or 
post a link to it to the TC's mailing list to solicit feedback.

6. When the Proposer wishes for the Proposal to be discussed in a TC 
meeting, he or she must notify the TC as defined by the Proposal 
Instructions[1], or on the TC's mailing list.

7. When the completion of a proposal has been announced, when the proposal 
is detailed enough to be integrated into the specification, when no 
objections are raised in the issue within one week, and if the TC's 
schedule for Committee Specification Drafts permits this, the TC editors 
may integrate the proposal. Already integrated proposals may be revised or 
amended by subsequent proposals. No proposal shall be voted on unless it 
formally meets the definition of "contribution" as defined by OASIS IPR 
Policy. A proposal shall be considered detailed enough if it contains the 
exact text to be added top the specification and the exact changes to the 
schema (where required), or instructions to the TC editor how the exact 
text and schema changes can be derived.

8.  When above conditions are met but objections are raised to a proposal, 
the Proposer may request a vote to accept his or her Proposal. 

[1] http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/document.php?document_id=41285

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