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Subject: RE: [office] Checking validity of ODF 1.2 Schemas

Thanks for providing this, Rob.

I think the only other cases would be any XML fragments in the specification documents themselves.

I think "expressions" was being used in the OASIS document to refer to cases where there is source code or formulas of some sort.  This might apply to some places in the specification as well, with OpenFormula being a likely place to check for expressions.  Also, the places where BNF or some form of regular expression is used would also be candidates for review.

I'll see if I can duplicate your checks, just for fun.

 - Dennis

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From: robert_weir@us.ibm.com [mailto:robert_weir@us.ibm.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2011 11:12
To: office@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [office] Checking validity of ODF 1.2 Schemas

I've seen a few comments on the ongoing ballot to certify that our schemas are well-formed/valid, etc.  Before I voted I wanted to do my due diligence.  I'd like to share what I did so anyone who wishes to confirm these tests or run a complimentary test can do so.

ODF 1.2 includes 3 RNG schema files and 2 OWL ontologies.

The ISO Relax NG standard comes with a normative schema (in Relax NG
format) that can be used to validate RNG schemas.  You can get this from the standard itself ( http://standards.iso.org/ittf/PubliclyAvailableStandards/c037605_ISO_IEC_19757-2_2003(E).zip
) or, as I did, accompanying an RNG validator like James Clark's jing.

I downloaded jing:  http://www.thaiopensource.com/relaxng/jing.html

Then I unzipped it into a directory, and validated the 3 ODF 1.2 schemas, with the following commands and echoed output:

C:\ODF12Schemas>java -jar ./bin/jing.jar -t lib/relaxng.rng odf12/OpenDocument-v1.2-cs01-schema.rng
Elapsed time 766+141=907 milliseconds

C:\ODF12Schemas>java -jar ./bin/jing.jar -t lib/relaxng.rng odf12/OpenDocument-v1.2-cs01-dsig-schema.rng
Elapsed time 265+63=328 milliseconds

C:\ODF12Schemas>java -jar ./bin/jing.jar -t lib/relaxng.rng odf12/OpenDocument-v1.2-cs01-manifest-schema.rng
Elapsed time 265+63=328 milliseconds

No errors or warnings were reported.

For the 2 OWL ontologies, I used an online validator:   

I pasted in each of our files, and validated it against "OWL Full". Again, no errors or warnings.

Although one could imagine a fun rainy day where we then go on recursively to validate the RelaxNG.rng against itself, and verify the EBNF of the W3C's XML 1.0 Rec, I think this would be pointless.  So I'll stop here. 
This is enough for me to cast my vote.


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