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Subject: ODF Next Workshop (plus) for fall 2011 Netherlands

During the ODF TC call today, Steve Pemberton proposed a workshop on ODF Next for this fall, to be held in Amsterdam and for a more general audience. He volunteered to help organize it.

** Conference call this week:  If possible, let's have a conference call later this week to discuss the proposals below.


Or. so. My reason for sooner than later has to do with the need to plan the event—surely more than Steve envisioned!—and to act initially, at least, before the US Memorial Day holiday at the end of May.


Steve's proposal was met with considerable interest and zero disapproval. It was proposed further that the relevant ODF TCs (Adoption, in particular) be enmeshed in discussions on this—as well, to bring in Michiel and Arthur, also of the Netherlands. Michiel had previously indicated that his group was organizing a plugfest for late October.

I would like to propose a conference call to plan this event. The issues are:

* Exactly when? There are a few issues, such as the LibreOffice meeting, in Paris, that will have a section focused on ODF. When we previously proposed an ODF 5th anniversary conference—also to work with Michiel's plugfest—LibreOffice objected, as the timing, LibreOffice believed, would distract from their event. However, it was also argued that it's better to have an ODF event that is not branded at all by one vendor or project but utterly neutral, and the Netherlands plugfest, and now workshop proposal, satisfies that desire.

I would thus propose this, if possible, for sometime in mid-September or even a little later (OpenWorld Forum, a popular event also in Paris, is 22-24 September.)

* Audience? Steve suggested both technical and not, and I would agree. I think we need to achieve a couple of things, besides the important one of working on ODF Next: persuading non-developers that there is and will continue to be a relevance to ODF, and that it is something to which they ought to contribute resources, as well as attention.

* Duration? I would suggest three days. One day for technical workshops (or 1.5 days, perhaps); the remainder for more general discussions on ODF Next, implementations (absolutely unprejudiced representation of vendor's wares), and related technologies and opportunities gained by using ODF.

* Processes: Patrick D. suggested formalizing the process of paper submission Oasis-wide, and it would affect (positively) this event. We are considering, I believe, inviting submissions and participation from non-Oasis members as well as members. 

* Funding: I think we may have the opportunity of working with established corporate sponsors and supporters of ODF, but also with the national government and even, plausibly, with EU gov't. 

I would also like to see if can invite more than Oasis members to the planning of this, and that means Basil's UK group, as well as others. (They may use plugtest organizers list.)

I'm sure I've a) forgotten to include key persons and b) key data; please don't hesitate to fill in the lacunae.



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