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Subject: Re: [office] OpenDocument TC Coordination Call Agenda June 20th

The following proposals for 1.3 have been marked resolved for over a
week without any opposing comments. I believe according to our standing
rule re proposals this means that they should be added to the first ODF
1.3 draft:


We had previously agreed to resolve OFFICE-3692 in the first ODF1.2
errata. I believe by extension this means that this should also be
included in the first ODF 1.3 draft. 

If there are any concerns about this we may want to discuss this at the
upcoming ODF TC meeting this Monday (June 20, 2011).

I have just filed OFFICE-3696 which is an issue in ODF 1.2 that requires
clarification (and possible resolution in an ODF 1.2 errata and ODF1.3)
We may want to discuss this briefly in an ODF TC meeting.


Andreas J. Guelzow, PhD, FTICA
Concordia University College of Alberta

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