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Subject: ODF Plugfest Berlin Session Planning

I apologize for sending this as a bcc. I'm copying a number of mailings 
lists, I know that at least one of them will bounce if I list too many 

We have an ODF Plugfest coming up on July 14th and 15th in Berlin, hosted 
by two German government ministries:  Bundesministerium des Innern and the 
Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Technologie. 

If you have attended previous such events then you should have received a 
personal invitation email last week, with the title "Save the date: 6th 
ODF Plugfest on July 14th and 15th 2001 in Berlin".  If you have not 
attended a Plugfest before and want to attend this one, please let me know 

I'd encourage anyone with a strong technical interest in ODF 
interoperability to attend, including implementors of ODF editors, 
toolkits and other processing tools, but also document authors, 
specification experts, etc., with insights into this area.

As in the past, the participants in the Plugfest will organize the 
schedule for the Plugfest around short presentations and interactive 
testing events.   We need your help to design the schedule.

So if you are planning on attending, I'll ask you to please do these three 

1) Respond to the invite, according to the instructions given, so the 
hosts will know how many people are attending.

2) Sign up for the Plugtest mailing list and wiki, according to the 
instructions here:  http://plugfest.opendocsociety.org/doku.php   Most of 
the organizing around the Plugfest occurs on that mailing list.

3) Sign up to give a short presentation or lead an interop testing 
scenario on this page: 




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