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Subject: Enhanced Path Shapes


one of the Calligra developers working on enhanced path shapes found the following problem. Please let me know if you think it is a problem in the spec or the applications behaving differently then Calligra.

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Subject: enhanced-shape and A,W and T, U command definitions

Date: Tuesday, July 19, 2011, 09:30:59

From: Lukast dev <lukast.dev@gmail.com>

To: "t.zachmann" <t.zachmann@zagge.de>

Hello, I found two problems with definition of the enhanced-path commands

in the office suits:

Here is the spec


First problem is about the "current point".

When you build up a new shape that consists of N subpaths specified by

enhanced path commands,

and when you build the first subpath, you need "current point". That

is not specified.

I noticed that OOo and MS Office 2007 in the case of A (an B, W and V command)

set the "current point" to the first point of the arc. But in calligra

we set it to 0,0.

What is the "current point" in the case of A, B, W and V command?

A defintion:

(x1, y1) and (x2, y2) is defining the bounding box of a ellipse. A

line is then drawn from the current point to the start angle of the

arc that is specified by the radial vector of point (x3, y3) and then

counter clockwise to the end-angle that is specified by point (x4,



Second problem is with T and U.

I noticed that OpenOffice and MS Office 2007 interpret the size of the

ellipse w and h as major and minor radius.

In calligra it is interpreted as width and height of the ellipse, so

as major and minor diameter.


Draws a segment of an ellipse. The ellipse is specified by the

center(x, y), the size(w, h) and the start-angle t0 in degrees and

end-angle t1 in degrees.

Let svg:viewbox be 0 0 21600 21600

So the ellipse looks like this in OOo and MS Office 2007:

U 10800 10800 10800 10800 0 360 Z N

But to be correct for calligra:

U 10800 10800 21600 21600 0 360 Z N

If calligra saves that odf, then the ellipse has double size in other suits.

What is the specification saying? size is the radius or diameter?

Best regards,

Lukáš Tvrdý | http://lukast.mediablog.sk/log


Some comments from me

The current point in calligra is the point is not (0,0) but the point where the path is at the moment. For a new path that is 0,0. When I understand the spec correctly it means that the size is the bounding rect and that I interpret as diameter and not radius as done by other applications.


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