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Subject: Draft Liaison report for JTC1/SC34 Plenary

SC34 has two plenary meetings per year. At these meetings each 
organization in liaison with SC34 is invited to give a brief report. This 
can be done as a short presentation, when we have members attending in 
person, or via a written submission. Since we have no member signed up to 
represent the TC in person at the upcoming plenary in Busan, South Korea 
(September 30th), I've drafted a written report for submission. 
Keep in mind that some members of SC34 track the TC quite closely, while 
others only know if it via these twice-annual reports. So this is a good 
opportunity to bring them up to date with out work.
Please take a look and let me know of any suggested changes. I will also 
add an agenda item for Monday's call to review and approve.


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