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Subject: OpenDocument TC meeting minutes 2011-10-24

OpenDocument TC meeting minutes 2011-10-24

*Start 9:34am


+Andreas Guelzow
+Andre Rebentish
Cherie Ekholm
+Don Harbison
+Louis Suarez-Potts
+MingFei Jia
Oliver-Rainer Wittmann
+Patrick Durusau
+Robert Weir
+Robin LaFontaine
+Steven Pemberton
+Svante Schubert
+Thorsten Zachmann
+Tristan Mitchell

Voting Members are indicated with a + before their name

12/16 voting members present = 75%, so quorum requirements are met.

Membership Notes:  Oliver gains voting rights after the adjournment of 
this meeting

- Agend approved without objection

- Minutes of October 24th approved without objections


-- ODF maintenance (1.0, 1.1, 1.2)

Rob: ODF 1.2 publication is still in queue

-- ODF 1.3

Robin: SC call tomorrow at this time to discuss 2nd draft of consensus 

Discussion of JIRA issues in Patrick's email:


We reviewed: http://tools.oasis-open.org/issues/browse/OFFICE-3671

Oliver will investigate OOo capabilities in this area

We reviewed: http://tools.oasis-open.org/issues/browse/OFFICE-3508

Rob: Note another approach to this problem, R package:  ODFWeave:  

Steven:  noted: http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/2004/xmlevents-for-html-authors

Steven: also: http://www.w3.org/TR/xml-events
Steven: Replaces the onXXX style of event handling with something more 
general (and extensible)

We reviewed: http://tools.oasis-open.org/issues/browse/OFFICE-3507

We reviewed: http://tools.oasis-open.org/issues/browse/OFFICE-3475

Rob: OOo and derivatives support flat files via a filter

Svante:  issue with duplicate xml:id  if we map packaged ODF document into 
single flat file (ID collisions)

Svante: We might solve the ID and the arbitrary XML file packaging

Svante: Do not think that XML flat file format requirement is valid any 

Svante: Roundtripping flat to ZIP is very problematic, think of Encryption 
and Signature

Svante: Once it was provided for XSLT filters within OOo

Svante: History shows that XSLT filters had problems with large documents 
(e.g. ODF specification), as BASE64 enlarges the binary files and images 
were parsed by XML parser

Svante: Parsing bianry made no sense: Resulting in time loss and run-time 
problems due to memory problems

Svante: The questions comes down, does it make sense to invest time in 
this problem and creating a complex solution for a feature that is not 

Rob: Need a canonical mapping between flat and package, or remove flat 
format support.  Being in between is not good.

Assigned to Jos

Svante: Second: Does it make sense to have a round-trip that looses 
information (e.g. Signature / Encryption)

Patrick: Defined two formats, flat and package but no mapping in between.

Review: http://tools.oasis-open.org/issues/browse/OFFICE-3449

Review: http://tools.oasis-open.org/issues/browse/OFFICE-3448

Oliver:  these two issues are related to change tracking and should be 
resolved by the ongoing work in this area in ODF 1.3

-- Adjourned:  10:28

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