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Subject: Re: [office] Future capabilities

<office@lists.oasis-open.org> wrote on 11/14/2011 05:36:02 PM:

> Rob,
> You mentioned in the TC call today that IBM was going to have a product 
> that supported allowing diverse individuals to edit parts of a text.
> I just assumed at the time you were talking about an ODF based format 
> but that may have been assuming too much on my part.
> Can you give the TC a little bit bigger peak under the curtain or do we 
> need to wait a bit? Would like to think ODF would support whatever is 
> necessary for that purpose, if not now, eventually.

It is called LotusLive Symphony.  It is a cloud-based collaborative 
editor, in what we call the "Greenhouse".  Think of it as an open beta or 
tech preview.  You can read more and sign up for a free account here:


We're using ODF for this.  So far, the main technical challenges have been 
with the different models using style hierarchies used in ODF versus CSS. 
So not the underlying formatting vocabularies, but the hierarchies and the 
mechanisms used to resolve which style is effective for a given element. 
ODF and CSS have very different ways of doing this.


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