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Subject: Open Document Format TC meeting minutes 2012-01-30

Open Document Format TC meeting minutes 2012-01-30

Start: 9:34 EST

+Andreas Guelzow
+Cherie Ekholm
+Andre Rebentisch
+Dennis Hamilton
+Don Harbison
+Louis Suarez-Potts
+Ming Fei Jia

+Oliver-Rainer Wittmann
+Patrick Durusau

+Robert Weir
+Steven Pemberton
+Svante Schubert
+Thorsten Behrens
+Thorsten Zachmann
+Tristan Mitchell

Voting Members are indicated with a + before their name

15/16 voting members present = 93%, so quorum requirements are met.

- Membership Notes:  None

- Agenda approved by unanimous consent

-Minutes of January 23rd approved by unanimous consent

- Discussion of ODF 1.1 amendment in ISO.  Ballot has ended.  Amendment is approved, unanimous, no comments.

- Next step for TC is to complete ODF 1.1  Errata 01.  This will ensure technical equivalence via:

26300 + Corr 1 + Corr 2 + Amd 1 == OASIS 1.1 + OASIS Errata 01

- Dennis checked with Chet on acceptability for format. Response was favorable.

- Discussion on whether the standalone form of the schema was officially part of ODF 1.1.  Looking at the ballot records for ODF 1.1 committee specification, it appears that only the inline version of the schema was voted on.

- ODF 1.3

- Svante noted that he has uploaded revised change tracking paper, with 3rd proposal, "Merge Enabled Change Tracking" or MCT

- Discussion of process for submitting ODF 1.2 to JTC1, referencing the following policy:


Adjourned 10:11am

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