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Subject: RE: [office] Feedback on ODF 1.2 documents - broken default value extraction from part 1

Is the topic about defaults in the XML and schema sense and how those values are styled in the ODF 1.2 specification (ODT format)?

I understand Svante to be speaking about a style that is used in the editable (ODT) version of the ODF specification where the default values of attributes are specified in the text.  Presumably, this allows the text to be mined for those places where a default value for an attribute is specified.  However, I see such a style ("Default Value") in 19.270 form:echo-char.  Apparently, there is more than one style that is used for these cases.  This shows up in the Style window when I select just that character in the text.

 - Dennis

PS: For those playing along at home: This is presumably useful because there are no specification of default values in the RNG schema.  This was intentional.  It related to a problem with DTD compatibility of some sort with RNG.  I cannot claim any expertise with regard to the wisdom of that move.  I can confirm that it was intentionally done for ODF 1.2.

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Subject: Re: [office] Feedback on ODF 1.2 documents - broken default value extraction from part 1

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Seems I did not frame the problem precisely. 
The scenario: It is possible to extract the default values from the ODF 1.2 specification into an XML file with XSLT. The extraction is useful as sometimes applications just quickly need a list of the default values, which are all over the document.
The extraction is possible as the spec uses a certain pattern to annotate these default values.
For instance, the default values had been marked/tagged with certain styles to be recognizable for the XSLT script. In the following I wanted to explain that sometimes these styles are missing, so the XSLT script to extract the values does not work properly.
This XSLT style sheet should be already somewhere in the ODF Toolkit Apache Incubator project. Perhaps I can create you there a test environment for the future.

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You got two easy options to see the error:
1) open the XML of the spec
2) Or open the spec with an ODF application. 
I suggest you open the specification with the Open|LibreOffice. 
You search for 
    he default value for this attribute is "*"
You press F11 to open the "Styles and Formatting" window usually on the right corner and choose in the frame of the dialog the character styles (letter a), by default only the paragraph styles are shown.
If you than move your cursor on the * you just found, you will see a default style is set.
If you than move your cursor on the  
of the following attribute, you will notice the character style "Attribute Value Instance" has been set.

The * was not set correctly, so it is not being correctly tagged as a default value to be extracted by my XSLT script -

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