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Subject: Continued Lists

I got a question in regard of the @text:continue-list attribute:

It is obvious that this attribute connects two (or more) lists elements within a document, where the following list has the @text:continue-list attribute referencing to the previous list.
From my understanding those lists are not equal to one list, which embeds all the in between content, because:
  1. The ODF 1.2 schema only allows paragraphs, headings, soft-page breaks and (nested) lists within a list. The in between content may be arbitrary.
  2. The usual indent of list content is likely not to apply to the in between content (unspecified - what is the user expectation?)

What puzzles me, is the spec is not precise in regard of

  1. @text:continue-list only allowing an xml:id of a list, that has the same nested/indent level as the referenced list
  2. What happens if one of both list's list item are increased/decreased in list level?

Can someone remember the use case for this feature and/or reference to the discussion?
Does this feature exists as well in other formats?

Thanks in advance,

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