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Subject: Re: [office] Change tracking requirements comments

My apologies, I'll have an important meeting tomorrow but still let me ask a stupid question:

Am 18.03.2012 22:55, schrieb Svante Schubert:

 2. It does not work out, if two ODF applications declare to support
    change-tracking, but define different functionality. There should be
    one minimum set being defined for a minimum of interoperability.
    Like implement the minimum of this feature or leave it.

What exactly do you have in mind with regard to change tracking:
* app-time "undo support" --> application driven
* saved revisions (incl auto-save) -> document driven

Support for the former can be documented via n revisions in a strict "document driven" way that would be 100% interoperable.

Each revision is a diff to the xml files etc. We know that XMLdiff solutions exist cmp e.g http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa302294.aspx
but since it is no beauty contest ordinary diff functionality would do.

An advantage of a "content agnostic" stricly document driven approach
is a high degree of interoperability.

For more app-time related changes you may want to model a "document processing machine" and define a set of API functionalities. App-time changes would usually also extend to app-specific issues (e.g. set the paintbrush colour to green) while document driven changes would only extend those changes which alter the document ("add red rectangle")

--- A

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