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Subject: Re: [office] Change tracking requirements comments

On 19.03.2012 13:01, Robin LaFontaine wrote:
On 17/03/2012 19:31, robert_weir@us.ibm.com wrote:
12, 13, 15, 20, 21 and 27 seem to all be variations on a common concern:  ODF is a standard for a document format.  It is not a standard for a word processor or other editor, beyond some formatting and layout guidance.  In particular we have not defined the permissible editing operations for an editor.  I think this is the key question.
I agree this is a key question, and I think you mean that in a document format it is not appropriate to define the editing operations...
"Not appropriate" like against habit or good manners? ;)
It seems quite the opposite, as for optimal interoperability a document format not only have to define how to serialize, but how to visualize and how to interact. We might call it the specification of model, view and behavior.

Honestly how do we optimize the serializing and of run-time changes, without knowing what a run-time change might be? How can we ever be interoperable?
but this is a contentious issue I believe (understandably).
Are we trying to track editing operations or changes to the document (see 35)?
This seems like a riddle question as they are pretty much related, as actio and reactio. As in general first there is a run-time editing operation, resulting into a document change, when being saved.
For instance, if an application is saving its state into a new document after each editing operation, the delta between two sequent documents is the document change, caused by the editing operation.
The remaining question is how to optimize this serialization of change to be able to undo it in terms of efficiency.
While the GCT & ECT approach, is declaring every ODF XML change within the XML files, I tend to serialize only a queue of editing operation in a separate file, referring implicitly to the ODF spec, where the repeating boilerplate is being once defined instead writing it down in every document for every occurrence of an operation.


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