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Subject: References to ADC SC work on change tracking for Select Committee

I thought this list of reference material may be useful for those considering being on the Select Committee.

The message copied below is a useful starting point for requirements. Item 4 is the 'consensus report' which was not approved by the TC but it is a document that has had most discussion and refinement by the subcommittee as a whole and as at version WD04 (as submitted to TC) the ECT and GCT authors were happy that it was a reasonable reflection of those approaches - as noted, version WD05 has additions from Svante (for MCT) which we have not discussed in the subcommittee.


6. Since the email, Svante has added documents on MCT:
"Presentation of Merge-enabled Change Tracking (MCT)"
"Example use cases solved with MCT"

7. GCT Proposal (Generic Change Tracking)
"Generic CT Proposal Presentation"
"Proposal for generic representation of tracked changes for ODF"

8. ECT Proposal (Extended Change Tracking)
"Extended CT Proposal Presentation"
"Proposal for extending existing ODF change tracking"
"Proposal for extending existing ODF change tracking - Supplement 1"

Essential reading includes 4,6,7,8.

There is of course a lot of other material and documents,
and these include over 60 worked examples (all implemented for GCT, 10 or so for ECT and see 6 above for those in MCT).

It is a fair bit or reading matter but this is a complex and important issue.


References to ADC SC work on requirements for change tracking for Patrick
On 06/02/2012 16:31, Robin LaFontaine wrote:

Following up the TC conference call today, this may be useful to you in drawing up a list of change tracking requirements (some links may be internal not public, the system makes it difficult to get public links though all are public).

We did start off looking at requirements [1][2] and compared the two approaches based on these[3]. As we got further into our discussions, it was clear that there were requirements issues at a higher level that had not been addressed/agreed/specified, and these were pulled out in the 'consensus' report [4][5].

1. Charter of the ADC SC

2. Initial conference call to discuss requirements

3. SC wiki on requirements
There are also a number of use cases there which give requirements at a more detailed level (related specifically to ODF 1.2), but this is less relevant to you I believe, though worth looking at for background:

4. ODF Change Tracking: Analysis and Proposals Version 1.0
As submitted to TC:
In particular, see the Conclusions which ask a number of questions about requirements.
See also the WD05 version of this report with Svante's updates which introduce more on requirements for collaboration.
Submitted to TC:

5. Thorsten makes some specific comments on requirements section of above report in his email:
Similarly, some issues that Andreas raises may be useful to you:



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