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Subject: Re: [office] Preparing ballot text -- I need your CT links


I am clear about the choices but not so clear about the wording of the proposal. As Chair of the ADC Subcommittee, I need to point out to the TC that at this stage ECT and GCT have had significant peer review but MCT has not yet had this review.

Therefore I would strongly advise the TC not to adopt MCT without the proviso that it proves that it can work as a solution.

To adopt a proposal with no specification (other than a presentation) for a major area of ODF seems to be taking an unjustifiable risk with a major standard.

MCT appeared on the scene with one proponent, and as such it was difficult to justify further delay and SC work to include it in the SC report. MCT now has a significant following, though it is still not yet technically proven.

Perhaps a motion that would get wider consensus would be along these lines:

"The TC instructs the ADC SC to investigate fully the MCT proposal over a period of at least six months but no more than nine months and if at the end of that evaluation period the major technical risks have been removed and prototypes demonstrate that it will provide a better solution than the other proposals, the TC will adopt it for inclusion in the next version of ODF. The TC does this on the understanding that the MCT proponents will provide a specification and support for this work."

That would I think be both more prudent and achieve more consensus. I would of course step down as ADC SC chair so an independent chair can be appointed.


On 23/07/2012 19:07, robert_weir@us.ibm.com wrote:
As discussed in today's TC call I plan on starting a 7-day electronic ballot on the change tracking proposals.  I'd like to start the ballot on Wednesday morning at the latest.  

The choices in the ballot will be (in alphabetical order)

1) ECT
2) GCT
3) MCT
4) None of the above
5) Abstain

Proponents of the proposals are invited to send me links that further describe their proposal (list message, wiki, document, whatever).  I don't want to put words in anyone's mouth, so I'll only add links if they are provided.

Please send along the links before end of day Tuesday.



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