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Subject: Is CT a limited case of collaboration? was Re: [office] Preparing ballot text -- I need your CT links


I note your comment on Operational Transformation (OT) and Google Wave with respect to change tracking (CT), below. I do understand there is good evidence that OT works for collaboration, but it is not obvious to me that this applies to our CT requirements.

As far as I am aware, Google Wave does not have tracked changes (as ODF needs them), though it saves each version of the document and allows you to see the changes from one version to the next. It does not allow you to track changes and accept/reject them. So I am not convinced that CT is a limited case for an OT solution.

If you know of any CT implementations based on OT it would be good to know about them.


On 25/07/2012 14:04, Patrick Durusau wrote:

Operational transformation was proven feasible in Google's Wave technology, if you want a recent example of its use. The actual history of operational transformation is a good bit older than that, all with proven implementations.

What the select committee report suggested was that operational transformations be specified for the limited case of change tracking, leaving more exotic applications/extensions for some future revisions.

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