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Subject: Proposed meeting schedule change due to return to standard

This doesn't happen until the end of October, but I see that our repeating invite expires at the end of August, so I want to make sure we're agreed on the schedule when I send out the new invite.

We currently meeting at 1330 UTC on Monday's.

Europe returns to Standard Time on the last Sunday in October, this year October 29th.

The United States does this on the first Sunday in November, this year November 4th.

China does not observe Daylight Savings Time, so no change occurs there.

In the past, we've preserved the same local time for the U.S..  

This would mean:

On meeting of October 30th, meeting time remains at 1330 UTC, meaning the call is on hour earlier for Europe in terms of standard time.

On meeting of November 4th, the meeting will shift to 1430 UTC, which is the same usual meeting local time for U.S. and Europe, but one hour later in China.  We would remain with this meeting time until the return to DST in 2013.



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