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Subject: more angle problems

I just noticed another angle issue:
19.171 draw:formula
"sin(n) returns the trigonometric sine of n, where n is an angle
specified in degrees"
and similarly for cos.

At least one implementation, LibreOffice writes:
<draw:custom-shape draw:z-index="1" draw:style-name="gr1"
svg:width="6.03cm" svg:height="4.064cm" svg:x="12.638cm"
<draw:enhanced-geometry svg:viewBox="0 0 21600 21600"
draw:path-stretchpoint-x="10800" draw:path-stretchpoint-y="10800"
draw:text-areas="?f3 ?f4 ?f5 ?f6" draw:type="round-rectangle"
draw:modifiers="3600" draw:enhanced-path="M ?f7 0 X 0 ?f8 L 0 ?f9 Y ?f7
21600 L ?f10 21600 X 21600 ?f9 L 21600 ?f8 Y ?f10 0 Z N"><draw:equation
draw:name="f0" draw:formula="45"/><draw:equation draw:name="f1"
draw:formula="$0 *sin(?f0 *(pi/180))"/><draw:equation draw:name="f2"
draw:formula="?f1 *3163/7636"/><draw:equation draw:name="f3"
draw:formula="left+?f2 "/><draw:equation draw:name="f4"
draw:formula="top+?f2 "/><draw:equation draw:name="f5"
draw:formula="right-?f2 "/><draw:equation draw:name="f6"
draw:formula="bottom-?f2 "/><draw:equation draw:name="f7"
draw:formula="left+$0 "/><draw:equation draw:name="f8" draw:formula="top
+$0 "/><draw:equation draw:name="f9" draw:formula="bottom-$0
"/><draw:equation draw:name="f10" draw:formula="right-$0 "/><draw:handle
draw:handle-position="$0 top" draw:handle-switched="true"
draw:handle-range-x-minimum="0" draw:handle-range-x-maximum="10800"/>

In this the use of
<draw:equation draw:name="f1" draw:formula="$0 *sin(?f0 *(pi/180))"/>
seems to indicate that they use sin with arguments that are radians!

I am not filing a JIRA issue since as in the other case I believe this
to be simply an implementation bug.


Andreas J. Guelzow, PhD, FTICA
Concordia University College of Alberta

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