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Subject: Re: [office] Single XML file

Am 31.08.2012 23:48, schrieb Dennis E. Hamilton:
I agree that the single XML file is very utilitarian.  It is adaptable to a wide variety of special-purpose uses and it is easy to generate, even manually and with or without a schema-aware editing tool.

* The discussion so far addresses the usefulness of the Single XML incarnation but leaves the question open if Single XML should be a derivative deliverable of the TC/OASIS/... or remain a part of the upcoming 1.3 standard, which then essentially continues to comprise two twin file formats.

A key criteria here appears pace of standardisation. Does Single XML inclusion slow the process down? Patricks resource concerns apply.

* The second question from my side is structure, editorial, do you perceive it as appropriate to list both as equivalent options, or should the Single XML option be moved to a dedicated chapter ("part) which describes the alternative file format option, and derivations from the mainstream packaged ODF if any? The latter would allow to avoid underspecification and unclutter the structure. It also would enable us to better understand and monitor a potential feature gap, and keep the main stream format documentation clean from unnecessary variants,

* The third issue I would like to raise is inline elements. For instance we have the options to link packaged binary items and scripts or include them inline. Would it be useful to take a decision for the 1.3 incarnation producer in the sense that inline is only applicable for Single XML format but not packaged ODF 1.3?

The more variants the format provides for producers the more complexity, the more implementation specific differences and potential interoperability challenges in a cross-implementation roundtrip environment arise.


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